Sell Your Art

Sell Your Art


Fine Art Global is committed to bringing art from around the world before collectors and investors, and that means working with sellers. Would you want to be a seller? There are many reasons to sell your art. You may be changing your collection and want to exchange some old pieces for new ones. You may want to raise a little money for charity and find this a quick way of doing it.

It’s even a fair way to create a steady income for many people. This is especially true of people who sell blue chip art, which are pieces that are known to be reliably profitable and to have great value. 


The Advantages of Selling Blue Chip Art


The definition of blue chip art is that it will withstand the test of time. Blue chip art holds or increases in its value over all and have historically rebounded quickly from slumps in the market. Auction houses have already authenticated these pieces and confirmed their value so buyers will be looking for them. This can make selling them a relatively safe way to make money even when the economy slows. 

There are other types of rewards too. Art brings joy to people, and sellers can participate in this joy when they find blue chip pieces that they personally love and then connect with a buyer who shares their enthusiasm. It can be even more fun when you find an early blue chip artist, which is someone who is just starting out but shows a lot of potential. There is nothing quite like spreading the news about a find.

Even with the confirmed artists, there are psychological rewards. The art comes in many styles so you can pick a speciality that you wish to share, from an individual artist to a school, and this sharing brings everyone happiness. 



Why Use Us: The Technological Advantage


About Us

People can use our ‘Place in Space’ feature or our app on their iPhone or Android to virtually try your art work on their wall before they commit to buy This saves you from people realising they don’t want something when they get it and then returning it. 

Our virtual and augmented reality technology will also give your potential buyer a chance to inspect it closely without travelling. This creates a fast turn around time for the people who are interested in your work. Overall, buyers will appreciate the convenience and give you better reviews when recommending sellers.






Our platform gives art collectors from around the world access to your art. They need only an Internet connection to see what you have, and this increases your chances of selling your pieces. Work gets displayed on our website as part of our catalogue, and we exhibit certain pieces on our home page under ‘Featured Pieces.’ This gets your works before a large audience and increases the chances of potential buyers finding you.


How It Works


Your first step is to contact us and fill out our selling form.

We will then exhibit your piece in our collection. People then can browse your works with our website technology. They can use either our ‘Place in Space’ function on our website, where art is displayed on different spaces, or they can use the augmented reality app on their phone to picture it on their own walls.  Once they have chosen their piece, we help broker deals between the seller and buyer through our international contacts. These deals will include insurance, logistics, and escrow payments. 

We hope to provide for our sellers in the same way that we help buyers. For more information about selling your art, contact us or fill out our form.


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